MinitraxTM -   Real Time Display
Our patented technology displays a real-time, visual reminder describing how long the user has spent on the Internet and is always visible to the user. By displaying the time used in either an inclination or declination format, a new focus is given to the user. Just as static speed limit signs along the highway sometimes go unnoticed, the real-time display is much like that of the presence of a radar controlled speed limit sign; the reaction is immediate and, because the time display is always in view, the behavior is changed for the long term.


  • A visual timer (Weekly clock) is placed at the bottom of a user's Web browser.
  • Weekly clock is constant reminder of the user's remaining time
  • Up to fifty (50) Web sites can be designated as un-timed for each user
  • Management may identify un-timed periods (before/after work or lunch)
  • Internet destinations and time spent are self-audited
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