Accountability International has produced a unique product, recognized by the US Patent Office via Patent Number 6,795,856. Accountability International is committed to enhancing its product, extending its patent portfolio in the area of productivity management and has filed additional patents which are pending at this time.

Accountability International has attracted seasoned professionals to guide the company, professionals from Federal Agencies, Defense Contractors, Major Consulting Firms and Commercial Business combine to give Accountability International an insiders understanding of issues that face the managers of today's workforce.

The value proposition for Accountability International’s customers is clearly recognizable, quantifiable and within the bounds of management grasp with in a month or two of installation. Productivity benefits can materialize immediately. Use our Productivity Calculator to see your projected benefits.

Apart from the value of productivity, the value of ethical behavior strikes at the heart of American corporations. “Corporate Governance,” “Corporate Ethics,” and “Corporate Compliance” are concepts that have moved from the boardrooms to Main Street USA. Employees in large and small companies have recognized the value and importance of ethical conduct. Addressing Internet abuse is part of the commitment to ethics that companies and their employees must mutually accept. Instead of surreptitiously monitoring employees, an open engagement between employees and management and equipping both with tools that promote voluntary behavioral change is a more appropriate solution. This resolution reflects the employees’ recognition of the values of productivity and workplace ethics.

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